Film/Television Part Director / Production
1916 Seachtar Dearmadta
(1916 The Forgotten Seven)
Padraig Pearse Daithi Keane / TG4 Irish Television
Fair City (2006-2011)
Anthony Brady Various / RTE Irish Television
Alias Sgt. McCallister Jack Bender / ABC-Touchstone
King Leopold’s Ghost Roger Casement Pippa Scott / Scott-Linden Prod
Day One
Henry Barry Kelly / RTE Irish Television
Making The Cut
Sean Martin Friend / BBC-RTE
Sweeney Todd Policeman John Schlesinger / Showtime U.S.A. Prod.
The Ambassador Bodyguard #1 Ken Greaves / BBC
The Farmers Wife Paul Robert Taylor / RTE-Making Pictures
The Dead of Night Forester  Tom Cosgrove / Dark Films
Going Straight Nick Susan Bailey / Going Straight Prod
Play Part Director / Theatre


Macbeth Macduff Graham Watts / Tivoli Theatre,
The Deadman’s Beard Micheál Geoff Gould / National Tour-Everyman Palace Cork
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar Joe Devlin / Crypt @ Dublin Castle
Uncle Vanya Yefim Ben Barnes / Gate Theatre
Lady Windermere's Fan Guy Berkely Alan Stanford / Gate Theatre,
Of Mice and Men Slim Tim McDonnell / New Theatre-Temple Bar
Othello Cassio John Delaney / Civic Theatre
Hamlet Guildenstern Joyce Branagh / Tivoli/Cork Opera House
Tomorrow Stevens Sean Donlon / New Theatre
Rising of the Moon Sergeant Jeff Gormly / Kilkenny Arts Festival
The Alchemist Face John O’Brien / Crypt @ Dublin Castle
Play Man Aiden Condron / Studio@ The International
Diarmuid & Grainne Diarmuid Stewart Roche / Iomha Ildanach Tour
Salmon of Knowledge Fionn MacCumhall Stewart Roche / Iomha Ildanach Tour

New York

Uncle Vanya Yefim-Support Ben Barnes / Lincoln Centre
The Music Cure Reginald-Lead Mark Dempsey / Theatre 22
A Wake for Swift Jonathan Swift-Lead Alice Farrell / Swift Society N.Y.C.


The Clearing Pierce Kinsellagh Robert Wise / Ensemble Theatre-Santa Barbara
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Lee Strasberg Institute, New York City.
The Circle in the Square Theatre School, New York City.

Special Skills

Proficient Voiceover Artist(over 500 credits) Baritone Singer (Irish ballads, jazz, blues, rock, musicals), Accents -Perfect American Accent(all U.S. Regions), British(all regions), holder of U.S. and Irish passports, fencing, firearms, horseback riding, soccer, rugby, guitarist, Good French, full driver’s license (Irish & American), swimmer, tennis and golf.


Ciaran Reilly - Actor Download Resume (PDF)


Height: 6'0"

Playing Age: 35 - 45

Eyes: Blue

Build: Medium

Hair Colour: Brown



"The support come close to being a dream of ensemble playing, with particular credit going to Ciarán Reilly as the taut minded Slim" - Sunday Independent, Emer O'Kelly.

Of Mice and Men at The New Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin